Revenge of the Jedi

Alwolf's MudGuide to Success

  • So here you are, in a foreign world, another frame of time. To start off, you have already chosen your species and class. You start out in a room commonly called ' port '. Typing ' inventory ' or just ' in ' will show you what piece of equipment you have in your hands. Typing ' eq ' (equipment) will show you what items you are actually wearing. I suggest that first and foremost, you look in your inventory and type ' wear all '. Then ' wield name of weapon '.
  • Its important to set your character up also. Start by turning on something that will automatically take all items and credits from corpses you've killed. 'autoloot' Type 'autoexit' to see all the exits when you enter a room. Type 'autosplit' to automatically loot the credits you get from a kill with the rest of your group. Type 'autoassist' to automatically assist a group member if they initiate an attack. Too, type help display. Its best to pick a display that you are comfortable with. I like 'display 3'.
  • Hopefully you have some knowledge of how muds work and their various commands, if not you may take some time getting started. Going one south and then down is the donation room where other players can donate equipment. Perhaps you should check down there for some better eq.
  • Directly above you is the newbie zone. Here, some of the easiest mobs (computer opponents) are located specifically for newbies and low levels to gain exp. Be adventerous and explore around. For the first 5 levels, you will not be penalized EXP pts for dieing.
  • IMPORTANT! Be sure to rent the eq you acquire! Renting ensures that when you log on a few days from now, or the next day even, that your acquired eq WILL be there. If you fail to have enough money you may not rent; run out of money before you can get back on, and your belongings will be deleted. From port go South East East Up . Here you type 'offer'. This will show you what you own and how much it costs to rent, a total amount due is given and it will show how many days the money you have will last. To rent type 'rent'.
  • IMPORTANT! Also too, please type help rules and help 'Pkill'. This way you will understand how player (KILLER) and (SMUGGLER) flags work.
  • Most of all, have fun.

  • A good first tip as you progress is to consider the mobs before you attack. Use the 'cons mob' command upon the mob. NEVER attack a mob when a stormtrooper or sandtrooper is in the room or anywhere next to the room you are in. They will assist and most likely kill you.
  • Another important point, DO THE WORK ON YOUR OWN. Yes, it helps to have higher level players give you a small start, but try to do most of the leveling yourself. Contrary to popular belief, you will get more exp on your own because you don't have to share it with exp-sucking highbies. Its for your own good.
  • When you die, which is nearly impossible to avoid, you should always re-enter the game and go back to the room where you were killed. Then type 'take all corpse'. This way you can retrieve the eq that you lost when you died.
  • From levels 1 to about 5, I would suggest the following places for you to gain exp and practice your general mud knowledge. Newbie Zone - - Jawa Sandcrawler - - Black Rock. For a good idea of Mos Eisley and its many areas refer to this page.
  • Directions from port:

    Newbie Zone - Up

    Jawa Sandcrawler - (S)outh, S, (W)est, W, W, W, W, (N)orth.

    Black Rock - S, S, (E)ast, E, E, E, E, S, S. (explore)

  • Most important, it never hurts to ask for help. Perhaps you could use the ' question (message)' command. When asking for help, be courteous and considerate. Remember most other players got to where they are through hard work and patience. 'Bow'ing and 'smile'ing also helps when conversing with another player. Type 'socials' to learn other means of showing gratitude, emotion, or concern.
  • Be sure to keep your map that you receive when entering the game. As you gain levels, you will need to go to your guild (according to your specific class) to practice your newly attained skills or spells. Again, ask for help if you can't find it. Type 'prac' to see a list of your attained skills/spells. When you get to your guildmaster, simply type 'prac name-of-skill/spell'. Do this until it says you have learned that skill/spell.
  • Around level 6-10+, you may want to explore other areas. Kallistas is a fine stair step to better and more challenging areas. Kallistas is N, W, W, W, W, and then type BOARD. To leave simply type board again at the place you started.
  • Lastly, if you have anymore questions or comments, email me from the main page on this website. Also type 'commands' or 'help' while on the game, or simply ask another player. Be careful to offend no one.

    • Experience and Levels

  • Here's a ROTJ list of the experience points you need to reach certain levels.
  • [ 1]        1           [ 2]     1000     
    [ 3]     2500           [ 4]     4000 
    [ 5]     8000           [ 6]    16000 
    [ 7]    35000           [ 8]    65000 
    [ 9]   100000           [10]   150000 
    [11]   200000           [12]   250000 
    [13]   300000           [14]   400000 
    [15]   500000           [16]   600000 
    [17]   700000           [18]   800000 
    [19]   900000           [20]  1000000 
    [21]  1100000           [22]  1200000 
    [23]  1300000           [24]  1400000 
    [25]  1500000           [26]  1600000 
    [27]  1700000           [28]  1800000 
    [29]  1900000           [30]  2000000 
    [31]  3000000           [32]  4000000 
    [33]  5000000           [34]  6000000 
    [35]  7000000           [36]  8000000 
    [37]  9000000           [38] 10000000 
    [39] 12000000           [40] 15000000